Following on from the blog post recently presenting this product to our website I thought I would enter into a bit a lot more information on exactly what I consider the product, concentrationing on just how it blends, tastes and the uniformity of everything. At the end of this evaluation I will certainly constantly offer it a rating out of 5 stars to determine whether I believe this is a great product to utilize as well as that ought to be taking it with their goals.

Beef Protein

To start off I simply wish to touch on that it’s an unique type of item due to the truth it consists of only beef protein and also is not stemmed from whey. With it being obtained from beef it’s normally high in protein and creatine which is vital for stamina as well as recuperation in and out of the gym. To break it down further, this supplement is exceptionally low in calories and also carbohydrates/sugars but high in protein and vitamins and also minerals to sustain a person that is active most days.


Flavour used to be something that had not been so important with supplements a few years back, however currently with various items out there to pick from, flavour has to be on point. I attempted the chocolate flavour Carnivor and also I need to say I was even more than pleased with the preference of the item. It tasted like chocolate as well as not like a sweetened flavour of chocolate like when contrasting Dairy Milk to Hershey’s and there is an unique distinction between them both. No, this delicious chocolate Carnivor absolutely tasted like the actual deal and it left a good aftertaste in my mouth, again of what delicious chocolate should taste like.

Mixability and Consistency

Some healthy protein powders are horrendous, milky like as well as just do not mix well as they leave lumps in your shaker which make you gag when they struck the back of your throat, do not worry we have all been there. It’s safe to state though that MuscleMeds have this healthy protein powder secured down on just how it mixes as well as the uniformity of it when blended with water. As soon as fluid is included to the shake it actually was simply 5 or 6 shakes as well as the protein had blended smoothly with the water as well as was prepared for me to consume alcohol. The consistency of the product was likewise truly great as well as really did not leave any lumps or bits below my shaker.

Is This For Me?

Finally is this protein shake something you should be utilizing for your goals? Well, this supplement is marketed for those that desire to remain lean and also develop muscular tissue without placing on excess body fat. If your goal is to preserve a low body fat, maintain your abs and also remain sports looking then this product is certainly for you. It’s high healthy protein and also reduced carbohydrate/calorie content makes it a great option to have promptly after training and also as a snack throughout the day.


The item obtains a 4.5/ 5 score from myself based upon just how incredible the protein powder blends as well as preference. The nutritional make up of the healthy protein is great and special also which is going to attract a lot of you. It is a premium healthy protein so you will certainly pay prices that resemble various other brands like Optimum Nutrition and also Reflex, yet don’t let this placed you off.

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