When evaluating a pre- exercise supplement it is prudent to think about the all natural benefit of the supplement i.e. the broader advantage it carries training and efficiency enhancement. We do not desire to merely report back on how ‘fired- up’, or ‘pumped’ a supplement makes you really feel, often it goes means past the mental prep work that numerous people resort to a pre-workout for.

Although a pre-workout supplement is created to be taken in approx. 20-30mins before your workout, the impacts need to last well right into your session (ideally throughout). Some supplements can leave you feeling sitting pretty right prior to your session, yet develops to an almighty come down 5 or 10mins right into your session, NOT just what you need! It is not unreasonable in any way to expect your pre-workout supplement to keep you going throughout your session, so exactly how does Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre- Workout hold up?

Muscle endurance

Aside from the obvious pre-workout inquiries, I wished to see if Optimum Nutrition Gold Requirement Pre- Workout provided on the physiological ergogenic front … simply puts, does it enable you to train tougher for longer? The response (a minimum of from my experience) is YES. The reason is as a result of the tactical mix of 1.5 g beta- alanine and also 3.4 g creatine, both which increase muscular tissue endurance, and muscular tissue power endurance respectively.

The beta- alanine acts like a sponge floating around the body buffering acidic blood (by wiping up hydrogen ions), whilst the creatine combo works as a straight energy source to your muscle mass keeping them firing as they should.


So what concerning the pump after that? For lots of, the pump is as much of an aspect psychologically as it is physiologically. The addition of 1.5 g of L- citrulline is vital to the pump since citrulline is a forerunner to nitric oxide (NO) launch. NO is essential for a process called vasodilation, which is crucial to keeping high blood pressure, as well as also for increasing the good ol’ muscle pump!

Combine this with grapefruit bioflavonoids ( 50mg) which additionally add to NO production, along with offer cardioprotective buildings (good for your arteries).


The addition of caffeine (175mg) is likewise recognized to cause a short, yet dramatic rise in high blood pressure, which could be connected to a surge of adrenaline that follows the ingestion of high levels of caffeine. The caffeine material in Optimum Nourishment Gold Standard Pre- Exercise is about the exact same as a big Costa coffee (maybe 10-20g much less), so it’s by no means severe (the standard grownup could take care of around 400mg/ day).

There is additionally 106% of your daily niacin requirements, Folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 which are essential pre-cursors in power manufacturing and also cellular metabolic rate suggesting the power produced from high levels of caffeine and the L-citrulline is much more lasting. Panax notoginseng (50mg) is one more subtle energizer that functions cumulatively with high levels of caffeine to improve focus, focus and also perceived power. This combo cleverly lowers the ‘viewed physical effort’ really felt by a professional athlete, in various other words, your mind ends up being much less bothered regarding exhaustion letting you train on for longer!


So onto the palatability side of pre- workouts. Notoriously pre- exercises have an acquired taste, in component due to poor flavouring, however primarily due to the fact that they are bubbly i.e. made to fizz and combine with water/juice/squash (NOT milk, this is a recipe for disaster!). Some pre- exercises take care of to get it right, if I’m sincere below (which is my task) then Cellucor C4 surpasses Gold Standard Pre- Workout on the preference front, C4 has actually taken care of to mask the bubbly, bitter fizz better than Gold Standard.

That being claimed, Gold Standard does taste fantastic for a pre-workout, and I would certainly also argue that it provides a far better preliminary energy and stimulatory smash hit compared to C4. The terrific thing about Gold Criterion Pre- Exercise is that the stimulatory smash hit is sustained and also does not cause a decrease in power and blog post stim come down.


All in all, I would certainly offer Gold Criterion Pre- Workout a solid 8 from 10, my thinking is that they have handled making an item that tastes excellent (despite the fact that it really should not based on the components), doesn’t trigger an energy collision, delivers sustained emphasis and muscle mass pumps, as well as gives great, efficient doses of beta- alanine, which in my mind is one of one of the most reliable ergogenic aids (performance enhancing supplements) on the market.

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