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What’s up guys!?

I count on you are all having a great week, eating healthily and training well. Keep this up as well as you will certainly be reaching your objectives quickly, think me !!

I have currently covered my upper body as well as back sessions with you (have a look at my previous 2 blogs for the details) … currently for LEGS!

In this article I intend to cover a regular leg session and also what protein supplements I use.

Now, it is necessary to keep in mind that all of my workouts are regularly being adapted. I do not ever before stick to the exact same workouts, same reps, same sets or very same program. I never forget the fundamental exercises that function the specific muscular tissue, nonetheless, the way to expand, radiate and improve your physique is through regularly adjusting the workouts as well as putting more stress on those muscles (Appears easy right) …

Well it is! I have no idea all the variants, but the most effective way to discover is to watch people. While I’m relaxing via collections, see various other people around you in the health club, have a look at exactly what exercises they are doing. Get on your own on YouTube. Watch exactly what your idolizers do, they influence you for a factor and therefore they have to be doing it.

Check in at Discount Supplements’ Youtube channel ‘Nutritube’ for present, proof based nourishment and also supplement details, and view this space for my YouTube network for all everythings fitness as well as nourishment! This will certainly be up as well as running soon (even more information to comply with).

So, here goes. My existing leg exercise.


Reps 8-12
Sets 3/4
Rest 60-90secs

Leg press
Narrow squats
Leg extension
Ham curls

I train legs 2x a week. I do this due to the fact that it’s critical in my point of view to have a solid foundation. It’s as well easy to overlook the legs and merely function the top body (specifically being male). So, I hit them hard, twice a week and also offer it 72 hrs between workouts.

To refuel as well as optimize my workouts I utilize Optimum Nutrition protein, their Gold standard whey protein is the finest in my viewpoint. Preferences excellent as well as blends effortlessly. I likewise utilize their casein prior to I go to sleep. Look into Price cut Supplements Optimum Nourishment Supplement review on their Youtube channel!

To locate out even more and also see progression pictures, in addition to receiving day-to-day inspiration follow me on twitter @scottriches (scottrichesfitness)

Until next week,

Stay Fit,

Team Scott